Wednesday, July 11, 2007

time to brag

I must take just a second of your time to brag on my most incredible husband. He truly is an amazing man to me. He loves me dearly and is always finding ways to take care of me and shower me with his love.

This past weekend when he was home he spent 3 hours one day cooking two amazing meals from scratch for our family. He made a Shepherds' Pie that would put anyone in Ireland to shame! Everything from scratch and most of the veggies from our local Farmer's Market. That same day he roasted some tomatos in the oven for hours and then made some amazing homemade tomato soup that I have enjoyed again twice this week since he has been gone.

Aaron loves to cook. I hate to cook. We make a great team!


Tina4Hope said...

Sounds... wonderful..

Hey, where is a local farmer's market... is it the one downtown or is there one in Murf?


he really is unbelievable at times ... way to go Aaron !!!

Melanie said...

Your guy sounds like my guy. Tim by nature is so much better at serving than me and is an amazing cook! I too am thankful for that because like you I hate to cook.