Friday, July 13, 2007

your old stuff

My tv in my bedroom was bought the summer before I went off to college eleven years ago. My alarm clock next to my bed that is missing the big button on top was bought my freshman year in college eleven years ago. A blanket that is in my living room was bought my sophmore year in college. Just a year ago I threw away some clothes that I had worn since high school. Sometimes I like to think of myself as thrifty, and other times just cheap! I think they are both good ways to explain the tv upstairs that is so big it hardly even fits on the stand, and starting to loose some parts of the color throughout the screen. I guess as much as I would love a new tv, I can't see myself buying one when the two we have work just fine.

My ring holder in my bathroom has been mine since the 5th grade. My boyfriend, Scott Harrison, with whom I shared the same birthday, gave it to me for Valentine's Day.

I think old stuff is good. It keeps you thankful for what you have. Even though I admit to sometimes secretly praying for a tv to go out so we can get a new, bigger and better one, I am thanfull that we have two tv's that work.

What in your house is old and outdated but still works just fine so you can't bear to see yourself buy a new one.


jtcosby said...

I have an Iowa State sweatshirt from 1993 I cannot imagine not having! It is the most comfortable sweatshirt EVER!!! We have a recliner...we bought it only 9 years ago or so...but this stinker is OLD OLD OLD! It is the khaki color that wasn't called is so is truly our Frazier chair...but it isn't going ANYWHERE because it is so comfortable! :)
Can't wait to see you tomorrow! :)

Tina4Hope said...

This will now sound insane...

But my yellow broom. Bought it when I moved out 20 years ago. Love the ugly thing.... even with the tape holding it together....


Christi said...

What in my house is old and outdated but still works just fine...HUMMMM, as I am nursing our new little girl, the first thing that pops into my head that I would like to be "new, bigger and better" is...HA HA! I love your blog so much I started one. It is taking me forever to manage it. I assume that it will go faster the more I work with it. Check it out. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Jan said...

I know what you mean...I used to call myself (affectionately) the queen of cheap. Now, my teenage sons refer to me as the goddess of cheap! I've come up in the world.