Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bob Green


I’m doing my Oprah catch up tonight and Bob Green has a new book out that they are discussing. I am intrigued and listening b/c he is talking about what to eat to loose weight. Right now Oprah and him are walking through a mock grocery store and he is pointing out things to buy. If you didn’t see the show, don’t worry, b/c I’m going to fill you in on what he says!

1. Slim Fast is good if you are reducing a meal to reduce calories. Oprah says she adds ice and blends it for a smoothie type drink.
2. If you have one tip of what to add to you diet – you maintain and loose weight with the more veggies you pack into your diet! GREEN GIANT has great stuff.
3. Cheerios
4. Olive oil – second choice Canola oil – that is how you should be cooking
5. One a day vitamin
6. Honey Nut O’s from Cascadian Farm (Organic distributor)
7. Wasa crisps
8. Wishbone Spritzer salad dressing (we bought this last week and LOVE them – you don’t overload with dressing!)
9. Whole grain pasta
10. Soy milk (yippee this is all we drink these days – my kids can’t get enough of it!) Oprah uses it for smoothies
11. Button mushrooms
12. Yoplait yogurt

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Okay here is Oprah’s Soy milk Chocolate strawberry smoothie:

2 cups Chocolate light soy milk
1 med banana in chunks
2 cups frozen strawberries

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ginger said...

pretty sure i used this as my guide at the grocery store today... thanks for the helpful tips!