Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Has anyone ever bought or sold anything on ETSY? I was just curious about it. I have been trying to buy something on there for a day and I'm not sure if I have figured it out or not. I did sign up and create an account, so now if I ever make anything I can sell it on the site!!! Me, crafty ... NO, but for some reason I desire to be crafty. In fact the other day I was begging Aaron to let me buy a sewing machine to make cute crafty things. He said NO because he thinks I'll start making my own clothes and end up in a Moo-Moo, like old ladies wear around the house all day long!!!!

So, I'd love to hear about your experience with ETSY. If you haven't been, go look around and you can find some very cute things!

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Gini (Hallquist) Young said...

I love ETSY! but so far I only look. Original art is something I really enjoy. I am crafty...at least a little. I do own 2 sewing machines (that don't get enough use) but I hate making clothes especially for myself. I've made Mercy an outfit and I frequently use it for alterations so that I don't go out and buy new clothes. But mostly I love making window treatments and home decor! They are basically square or rectangular. Anyone can do that.