Tuesday, June 5, 2007

cleaning schedule

Anyone else have a cleaning schedule? I have the hardest time sticking to mine. #1 reason I hate cleaning and #2 reason I hate cleaning!

So, here is my weekly cleaning schedule:
Monday - Dust upstairs, Bathroom upstairs
Tuesday - Vacum upstairs
Wed - Dust downstairs, mop kitchen/living room/breakfast area
Thur - Vacum downstairs, all trash out of house to curb
Fri - Bathroom downstairs
Sat - clean out fridge, organize desk & go through mail
Sun - sheets

Okay so there it is. I orginially made this b/c I was getting so frustrated with spending a whole day cleaning. I thought if I did a little each day I wouldn't get burned out. Well instead I get to Tuesday and say oh that's not too much I'll just do that tomorrow. Then a few more times that week I do that and before I know it I spend the whole day on Friday cleaning the whole house.

Any more tips for staying on top of housework? Sometimes I wish I worked outside the home just so we could have our house cleaned by someone else!!!


the kirkseys said...

This is great! I have a cleaning schedule too because I hate to clean. I clean one room a day (we have 7 total if you count the master bath and bed as one and jake's room and bath as one). And I don't do anymore than that! Sometimes I don't clean at all, but usually I try to do one room a day : ) Do you have a dust buster? I just bought one and don't know how I ever lived without one!!

annie said...

I do work outside the home but didn't realize that meant I could have someone else clean the house... maybe someone needs to send my husband that memo! I suppose you meant that then you could afford it, but we can't, so this is how we handle it.

I just do what needs to be done, as it needs to be done. my biggest job is the laundry, which i have to do every weekend, and it's at least 4-5 loads. i try to do some during the week if I can, but we have 2 nights a week where we are at church, so it's hard to use my few free nights to do laundry... ick!

as for the other things, I just do them when i notice them, and it's usually on the weekend. except last night, i had to mop the kitchen because my son spilled some newly potted plants in there. the mopping probably would have waited another week if not for that...

i guess when you work outside the house, you just have to decide what is really important. i would rather spend that time with my husband/kids then stress over the dust on my bookcases.

sorry for such a long comment!

Gini (Hallquist) Young said...

get out of my head! I blogged about this not long ago and how desperately my family needs routines. I asked for tips on cleaning schedules. Copper's Wife (www.xanga.com/copperswife) has an extremely detailed cleaning routine. It consists of weekly tasks and monthly tasks. If she follows it, she must have the cleanest house ever!


i have a confession ... when i started the business at home that is exactly what i did .. i have a blessing for a woman come twice a month and do it all ... it is the best money i ever spent... i just couldn't keep up working and cleaning... and i would much rather work ... and if i ever stop working i will cut something out of the budget but not my cleaning helper ... and she cutes my hair too ... she is fabulous !!!!!