Thursday, May 31, 2007

Camp Pictures

I LOVE Student Life camps. They seriously are the best camps around. They know how to put on a great camp. The people there are fantastic. They love us and treat us wonderful. One thing I love about SL is that they always welcome families to come with the band/speaker. You have NO idea how much of a blessing this is to my family. When your husband/daddy travels for a living and could spend 6 weeks of the summer away it is a HUGE blessing for you to be welcomed with open arms to travel with them. They are always happy to accomodate for families. If you run a camp or invite speakers and bands to come minister to your church, remember that they have familes. Remember that sometimes they can go weeks without seeing them. Invite them to come. Invite them to be there too. It makes a HUGE difference.

Okay anyways on to the real reason for this post ..... PICTURES of my boys. One of the drama team guys took these fabulous pics of my boys. I LOVE them.


Debra said...

great shots.

ginger said...

your kiddos are so great... i'm sure they love camp as much as you do! cayden's haircut is absolutely adorable!

hey... just got my first PAID writing gig for lifeway. woot! i'm still developing the article for savethesloth, though... i didn't forget!

love you-can't wait to see you in july!!

A Time Such As This said...

My friend, Hannah, goes to church with you guys and directed me toward your blog! We have a couple things in common. husband and I are leaving for a Student Life camp on Sunday. We will be chaperoning rather than entertaining though and we will only be going for a week. Also, we are in the process of pursuing adoption. Your boys are precious! I hope that your summer at camp is great fun!!

Jennifer said...

Your children are adorable. Blessings from a new reader of your blog

Tina4Hope said...

I love love love the pics!!!!
Such expressions.... candid shots are always the best!

Hey... and a suggestion... make a sign for the product table that says.."Piracy is of the Devil (so buy your own CD)!"

Hee hee... just kidding...
I've heard grown women do it too... even ask if they can burn copies for friends... HELLO???

Anonymous said...

Your boys are soooooo cute. Just sooo cute. Love these shots.