Wednesday, May 30, 2007

burning cd's

I'm at camp with SPUR this week and one of the things that I love to do is to work the table for them. I really do enjoy it and have fun talking to the kids and selling the merchandise. It is fun and kinda keeps me connected to the camp. This week I have a babysitter with us, so that gives me the ability to help them out with the table while Sarah has my kids.

It never fails that this scenerio I'm about to tell you about happens at every camp. Two kids come up to the table to take a look around. They check out the posters, the buttons, the stickers and then they end up looking at the cd's. SPUR has three cd's on their table. The newest one, SLEEPWALKERS, then another one called BLESSED CATASTROPHE, and then one that is a cd with various artist and they have one song on there. So, the two SPUR cd's are $15 each and usually the kids end up saying they don't have enough money and I always feel sorry for them so at every camp I sell a few cd's for $13 or $14 - don't tell Jimmie or Chad b/c they will kill me, but oh well I'm just too nice.

So another thing that always happens at camp is that two kids come up and talk about stealing cd's right in front of me. They hold nothing back. They are not discreet they discuss their plans at the table for all to hear. It goes something like this. Keep in mind this is not in whispers but in regular voices!
Student A - I really want a cd do you have any money?
Student B - Yeah I have money but why do we both need to buy one?
Student A - yeah that is true, let's split the cost and buy one.
Student B - then we can split it - you burn me a copy and we each have one.
Student A - Okay here's $7 you pay the rest.
Student B - Okay we would like one cd here's our money.

Then they proceed to hand me 15 one dollar bills wadded together b/c they've been in their sweaty gym shorts during rec all day today.v GROSS! I am always certain I have contracted some sort of disease after working the table for thy guys and handling all their sticky dollar bills!

Well, it's time for me to manage the SPUR store again ..... Here come the kids and why don't I have any hand sanitizer with me on this trip???



hilarious ... you should have hand sanitizer ... yuke ...

The Shingleton family said...

Love Cayden's new "do". He looks so grown-up and cool! I liked the baby boy look too, but this looks cute! Miss you!