Friday, May 11, 2007

birth control

Today was my yearly woman exam. Isn't that always a wonderful day of the year! I look forward to this day all year long and today was my day! ha ha! I visited a new doctor and she was great, but the wait time was awful. I sat in the room with that horrible robe that opens to the FRONT for an hour waiting for her to come in to examine me.

When she was doing the bre*st exam I was chatty-cathy. I mean isn't that one of the most awkward moments in your life. Not only is a stranger touching you, but for me it was a woman today. I'm never sure if I should look her in the eyes when I'm talking to her while she is doing this, or look at the ceiling or just shut up and close my eyes. It is a no win situation. Fortunately she was super nice and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole thing.

I was also there to talk about birth control. You see I haven't been on any form of bc since before Big Boy was born. I had my own "internet birth control". I would look online for calendars for people that were trying to conceive. THen I would take those days that it said we should try and we did the opposite - NOTHING! it worked for a while and then surpise - BIG BOY happened!!! So, I'm now wanting some form of bc but not sure what to do.

When we first got married the bc made me a psycho woman! Seriosly not good for a newly married couple. I was not myself and hated it and Aaron wondered who he married!

Here are the options she gave me. I would love to know if any of you have tried any of these and what you like and dislike about them.

Option #1 - Mirena - IUD placed in your uterus - effective for 5 years - BAD side for me is I'm not sure I want to wait 5 years to have another baby. It can be taken out whenever but to be the most cost effective you need to leave it in at least 4 years.

Option #2 Implanon - an impant in your arm that provides up to 3 years of protection. - Sounds good, but not so sure about something stuck in my arm for 3 years.

Option #3 - NuvaRing - flexible ring about 2" in diameter that you insert inside of you once a month. This one sounds appealing to me. Anyone used this?


Jillian said...

The NuvaRing is okay if you don't mind it randomly becomming dislodged during intercourse.. And after seeing first hand the scars left behind from the Implanon I wouldn't use it. I'm currently on Depo which is pretty great aside from the fact that I get incredibly emotional due to hormones when it's near time for another shot. Finding birth control that wont make you crazy or miserable is hard. Good luck.

jtcosby said...

I have the IUD and love it...but then again, we have 4 kids, did I mention we have 4 kids? Oh and Jamie, we have 4 kids...tee hee...just teasing you! But I love the IUD...seriously! It is not cost effective if you are wanting a baby soon, but it is awesome! I rarely have any form of period (still get edgy at that time...but little to no you know...yuck). Anyway, I love that one.

You are awesome! :0)

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

I was on Depo for 5 years... I heart depo... but, one of it's side effects was it didn't help your bones and so they took me off of it... i loved it... no periods... :)

so then i was supposed to go on implanon, but i was told that you would have periods here and there... no rhyme or reason and that just wasn't appealing to me, nor was getting my arm cut open...

so we went with the nuvaring... in on the 1st, out on the 25th (day of the month that is) and i love it... the first week or so is a little awkward, but after that, i had no probs with it... :)

hope that helped just a little... :)

Dana said...

I hate those stupid robes that open in the front...and for some odd reason it always makes me feel better if I leave my socks on during the exam, I guess I gotta have some form of dignity! haha. Sorry I don't have and suggestions on BC, but I hope you get it resolved soon! :)

annie said...

I use the ring, too, but have never had it dislodge or anything. I've been on it for almost 4 years now, and I have a feeling that my dr. is going to tell me to try something a little more permanent at my next exam if I am not having any more babies anytime soon... i do want another one, so I may just keep this till we decide to start trying again.

Gini (Hallquist) Young said...

Yeah I'm dreading my appointment too. Coming up after June 1st. Luckily regular old pills work for me. Sorry I can't help any more.