Thursday, April 12, 2007


Another contest is going on at 5 minutes for mom and wouldn't it be fun to win!

This contest is for a cute little bowl by Sick Bear that your little one can hold when they are sick and need to ... well you know ... throw up! Gross I know, but one mom saw the need and ran with her new invention. Luckily we have not experienced this with Little Boy yet, but we have with Big Boy. There is nothing like holding your child in the middle of the night and allowing them to vomit on you because they need to be held and want your love. I would not let anyone else do that - not even Aaron - only my kids!

So, go over to their site and put yourself in the contest! I hope you don't win! Ha Ha! I hope I do! Actually I think it would be cool for someone I knew to win, so spread the word and go register!!

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