Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Oh my gosh was it good tonight or what???? What the heck. I was just starting to believe and trust Juliette and then at the very end ... oh no she is BAD. What the heck? Lost was so good tonight. I am starting to LOVE this show again!

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Jon Crantz said...

Lost seems to switch between great and lame episodes, one week great, the next lame. I agree, this weeks was a good one. Juliette is ultimately good, I think. She's just trying to get back home to her sister and nephew and has made a deal with Ben to get more info about the good guys. Anyway, I can't believe I just wrote this much about LOST. I'm not quite sure you even know who I am...but say hi to Aaron for me.


Jon Crantz
(goofy pastor at FPC Houston)