Monday, March 26, 2007

Our SPUR family

It is not often that EVERYONE in our little SPUR family is together and so this weekend was a blast. We started out the celebration weekend with dinner at Bonefish with Chad and Stephanie. They are getting married in May and Aaron is actually marrying them! How cool is that! So, we had a little marriage counseling session since Aaron and I have it all figured out!!! (that was a joke!)

Then we all celebrated their upcoming marriage with a little "shower" (we called it a party so the guys wouldn't feel girly) at Maggiano's and had fabulous Italian food. We had a "time of the day" shower and we all had an hour to bring them a gift for. It was so much fun and they ended up with two picnic baskets allmost identical from Jimmie and Laura and Amanda. I laughed so hard as they were opening the first one for their 12 noon gift because I knew the next gift was 3:00 PM and would be another picnic basket for them!!! Fun times! After dinner we headed out for dancing at BB King's and had fun there as well.

Saturday night they played locally and that was the whole ER day for me. :(

Sunday was our 2nd annual SPUR friends and family picnic! It was a blast and thanks to our wonderful friends Kent and Shawnah I was able to attend as they stayed home and watched my sick allergy boy!!! At the picnic we took this picture of all of us and I love it! We are all together and that won't happen again until Jimmie and Laura's wedding in July and not sure when after that. I love all these people and am blessed to be able to live life with them. I love you guys. Thanks for loving us and for most importantly thanks for loving my boys!


melneyann said...

That's a great picture! Such a Happy Spur Family!

I really hate that I missed the picnic on Saturday. I hope you guys had a blast! I'm sure you did!

Who won the woofle ball tournament??

jtcosby said...

So love the pictures! So sad we missed the party. I love the annual Spur get together!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

What a sweet post! You and your hubby are a really cute couple.

Debra said...

Good times with great friends...nothing compares.