Monday, March 26, 2007

Chuck E Cheese

I realized today why we have never once eaten at Chuck E Cheese before. Yes we have taken the boys to CEC but only to play and never to eat. Aaron and I are not really big pizza eaters and especially CEC pizza! Today I had my two boys and our friend Cadie so we headed to the Discovery Center first and they played and had so much fun. I thought I would be the coolest mom and take them to CEC for some more fun. I didn't know it was going to cost me so much! That place is so overpriced and the food is not that good. I am totally a cheap mom here complaining about money because the kids had a blast. They played with the "free" tokens that came with our meal and then I lied and told them I was out of money and couldn't buy anymore so they just played with the games that didn't need tokens. They ate all the pizza and were so well behaved. I was very proud of my boys and of Cadie too for being such great kids while we were there. Cadie is a little over 2 years older than my oldest and she is very motherly as well. It was wonderful. It was as if I had a second set of hands and eyes with me. I kept telling her take care of my oldest and she always did. (Tracy she was awesome!)

So, will we ever eat at CEC again ..... probably not. We'll go after dinner and just play games!


jtcosby said...

Totally agree with you! I love going there, buying a BUNCH of tokens when I get a coupon in the newspaper...and keeping the tokens for a LONG time!!! It works really well, then we also keep our "tickets" for a long time and then can actually get something we don't throw away two days later.

Missed you guys yesterday. Wish we could have gone, please plan another one soon soon soon...can we make twice a year????

annie said...

I think CEC is so gross. I always shudder when we get invited to a birthday party there. You're brave!!

I wanted to let you know that I was tagged to make a list of 5 blogs that were good family or mommy or daddy blogs, so I included you on my list. Technically, you are tagged to add up to 5 more and post one yourself, but that's up to you. I just read your blog a lot and thought yours was a good family one.


Debra said...

did you ever get the small gray T-shirt? I haven't been able to sleep at night and seriously have wondered about this. I know I am weird. I promise I am not a stalker.