Sunday, March 4, 2007

Oprah in South Africa

I am watching the special that was recently on TV about Oprah's new Leadership Academy for girls in South Africa. I must say I am moved to tears by her actions. These girls lives are changed forever and in a weird way I am so proud of all that Oprah is doing for them. WOW! Some of these girls said they have one meal a week at home and now they are surrounded by wonderful beautiful things with everything they need and want at their school.

These girls are beautiful and are the future of South Africa.

Watching this show brought back so many memories of mission trips that I have been on where children are grateful for whatever you bring them. Even though some of us may not be able to open multi million dollar faciliites like this one to help young girls, we can still do so much. I am inspired to do what I can with what God has given me, just as Oprah does good with what she has been blessed with.


Dona G. said...
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iveyfamily said...

Just curious? how do you know it is not for God's glory?

melneyann said...

I watched that special as well. I cried more while watching the special than I did on my first trip to Haiti. Oprah made me think...alot. Not so much about my involvement with missions, but with my daily life.

I have more opportunities and resources within my reach, than the girls at that school. In fact, I have more opportunities than most of the world. Yet, in my complacency, I choose to remain where I am. I'm lazy.

Another question that I kept asking myself was, "Do I inspire others through my actions?" I heard these girls' stories, I saw their excitement...and it was contagious. My tears were joyful. I was so proud of them. They are striving to be be set apart from the world they know. I'm inspired by them. I can only hope to inspire others in such a way.

Love ya James!! :)