Friday, March 16, 2007


I cooked TWO meals today. That is more than I cooked all this past week!!!! Yeap for lunch the boys and I had tostado's and for dinner we had turkey sausage and mac n' cheese and rolls. Yeah for me!

I also found this website today that I haven't visited yet but I will tonight after the kids are down - - it is all about getting veggies and good food into your kids diet without them knowing!! I did get the V8 fusion drinkn today at Target. We went with the strawberry/banana flavor. We'll see how that goes over tomorrow!!

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Becca said...

J isn't much of a veggie eater either, but he is coming around--after me throwing out TONS of veggies spit from his mouth!

BTW--did you get my email response about watching D? It seemed to come back to me. I'll try it again.