Saturday, February 10, 2007

United 93

I have never watched a movie that has made me as emotional as this one did. I just watched UNITED 93 and it was incredible. During the last 20 minutes I was bawling, thinking I was going to throw up and feeling as though I couldn't catch my breath. Throughout the whole movie my stomach was hurting, because I knew the ending. I knew how this movie would end and the moments that lead up to it are amazing. So many things happened leading up to this crash that I never knew about.

This movie is emotional, riveting, and moving. I highly recommend this to you. Sit down, reflect and remember these people that lost their lives on this plane. They were ordinary, normal people who just boarded a plane and ended up saving so many lives by taking over this plane. I would be a very proud family member of any of these passengers.

This movie was good for me to watch and to remember 9/11. As time goes by things can be forgotten if you were not directly afffected by it. I lost no one in 9/11. I knew no one that lost anyone. I don't live in NY. For that reason, 9/11 can be forgotten by me if I am not careful. I do not want to forget.

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