Thursday, February 22, 2007


Scared is how I'm feeling right now. Scared for my boys and what their future may hold. I just watched Oprah from yesterday and it scared me to death. She had a man on there that was kidnapped in 1974 at the age of 13, and held captive for 18 months. She also had Elisabeth Smart's dad on there and Bill O'Riley as well. The show was very emotional, scary, and informative.

The laws in our country have got to change. It is awful that someone that has been convicted of a crime against a minor can EVER be let out of jail. It is not fair for the other children and families in this world.

Oprah says that you can go to her website ( - I'm guessing) and print out letters to send to your Senator and Governor on this issue. I will have Aaron print these off for me since I'm not getting on the internet until after Easter. :)

After watching this I spent some time in the boys room praying over them and crying in fear of the unknown. I prayed for so many protections over my boys, our family and our house. I am asking God to give me wisdom way beyond my years as a parent. Allow me to be able to discern evil and protect my family. Keep my children aware of their lives and the people around him. Give them strength to discern evil from good. Show me when to keep them close and when to let allow them to spread their wings.


wareaglereed said...

I did not see the Oprah show yesterday but do know the Elizabeth Smart story well and have many of the same fears you have. Especially as Riley has started to school these fears have been greater as I cannot be with him at all times and am intrusting his safety to virtually strangers, some I know, some I don't, every day he goes to school. We must pour over our children with prayers of protection and try our best to teach them about strangers and that it's sad to say but not everyone is good in this world. We cannot live in fear but must keep our guard up.

Gini Young said...

Maybe you could give up Oprah for Lent. Your prayers are valid but don't let the fear overwhelm you. Good for you and this Lent thing. You know I didn't give up anything. I can't think of what it would be. I should have prepared more for this season.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I saw that Oprah, too, and did exactly the same. Pray Pray Pray. And yes, it's an outrage some of the laws in place. Oh, we will see a change!!!