Thursday, January 25, 2007

"new" clothes!

I LOVE getting out the storage bins in the garage and getting "new" clothes for Deacon! I am figuring out that we had WAY TOO many clothes for Cayden! I just got out the 18-24 month bin to see if I could find some winter shirts and jammies and sure enough I hit the jack pot! About 6 pair of pants and about 10 long sleeve shirts. Also two jammies and a pair of swimming shorts, two jackets and two sweatshirts. Now, not sure if they will fit D well b/c he seems to be in between the 12 month stuff and the 18 month stuff. Oh well, big is better than small!! Also in the box are about 10 pair of shorts (what 18 month old needs that many???) and lots and lots of t-shirts! Love hand-me-downs!!!

So .... right now I'm happy my boys are so close and seem to be in the same season at the same time in their lives!


annie said...

me too! our girls are 3 years and 3 days apart, so it usually works out that way for us too. Thankfully! although, shannon has slowed down a bit lately and is sometimes almost a size under where she should be, but she has so many clothes, that it's never a problem to find something in season.

yay for hand-me-downs!

Kelly said...

Bradley is already in 12-18 months stuff! He is huge! No hand me downs for him. Poor Emery rarely gets new clothes between Parker and my niece!