Thursday, June 14, 2007

orphan epidemic

I found this site on a blog today (sorry I can't remember where so I can't site you) and was impressed with this article. It is from Children's Hope International following the Orphan Summit III which was held at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Co this past May.

Go here to read all about this and how the church could help out if we would step up just a little.


A Time Such As This said...

I am seeing so much of this lately....articles and blogs concerning adoption and questioning why more people are not doing it. I wonder what could be done to make people more aware? hmmm...keeps me thinking!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...


I'm here via Baby Bangs. God orchestrated this visit today. We have been praying for several years about adoption and the desire is very strong right now. So to read your blog has been quite an inspiration. Thanks!


just catching up since i have been swamped with bball lately ... had a great time at the pool and hope to do it again when ya get back ... scott and i are praying about Ethiopia being our next country and adopting a sibling group ... i am so saddened about the state of the orphans of this world ... keep on educating us sister !!