Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I have been going nuts all weekend about this news that I have been wanting to share with my blogging friends.

Some friends of ours that we have gotten to know through adoption and photography just brought home their new little baby girl today! They were called on Friday about her and today they met her and her birth mother and they brought home their little Norah this afternoon.

I am so excited for this couple because they have had a hard road this past year on their adoption journey. I have prayed for them and cried for them many times before God. He once again has been faithful and has joined them together with their baby that he knew would be theirs during all the trials that they have endured.

God's blessings are endless and I could not be happier for Brad and Alison!

On a side note if you need a good photographer she is great!!!


Debra said...

Such a happy story!

ginger said...

WOW! how exciting! she is absolutely beautiful!!

wareaglereed said...

We are sooo happy for Allison and Brad!!! I have been following their story for quite sometime and have also lifted them up in prayer. What a blessing to now have their sweet baby girl home in their arms. And your right about her photography skills. I have looked at many of her pictures...They are fabulous!!! I plan on getting her to take some family portraits of us sometime this Fall.