Thursday, June 7, 2007

3 years of static ....

We finally did it. For three long years we have endured the worst monitor that was ever invented. I guess when Big Boy was first born the monitor worked fine or else surely we would have bought a new one. But slowly over time it has become the worst sound in the world. At night you only know it is working if you can hear static. If it is not on high it does not work. This is so bad that we even have to put the monitor around the corner in our bathroom with the door shut b/c it is so loud when it is on.

Well last night it was going off and on throughout the night and driving me insane. One time I woke up in the middle of the night to the faint cries of Little Boy. I could not hear him through the monitor because it was apparently off but I could hear him barely through the house. I jumped up so quickly and ran down there not knowing how long he had been crying. I hate that feeling. The feeling that he needed me and I wasn't there to help him.

So, that was my final straw and I broke down and bought a monitor at Target today. I had always said when I bought a new one I would research and get the best one out there, but this was so spur of the moment that no research was done and I just picked the one that looked the best. I bought the one that has the longest range. Not sure why, but that seemed important to me as I was looking at them. I went middle of the line and bought the $19.99 one but when I checked out it rang up as $12.98 - YEAH a deal! Aaron will be so happy!

Tonight I will sleep much better!

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the kirkseys said...

I am totally with you on the annoying monitor! Ours is tempermental. Sometimes it's great, and sometimes the static is so loud that you want to take a sledge hammer to it! Congrats on the good bargain! I LOVE a good bargain!!! : )