Monday, May 14, 2007

what are you reading?

As some of you know last year my New Year's resolution was to read more. I did read more and have enjoyed reading. My idea of how many books to read in a year and yours could vary greatly, but hey at least I'm reading more than I was which was about NONE!

Last week I finished reading THE SECRET MESSAGE OF JESUS by Brian D. McLaren. This was a book that Aaron highly encouraged me to read. It was a great book that challenged my thinking about church and the kingdom of God. Ideas from this book are new to me and sometimes made me uncomfortable and sometimes made me mad that I had not been taught these things while growing up. I encourage you to read this book and allow the ideas in it to at least make you think. Although you may or may not agree wiht all of it, you will enjoy the challenge.

I must say that books like that are hard for me to read. I enjoy a story, characters and a plot. It took me FOREVER to get through it and I would dread to sit down to read it. Once I started reading I enjoyed it, but it never called my name from the night stand as some books do!

Now I'm free to read another book and I am reading two. Not sure why, but oh well. Book #1 is THE TREASURE PRINCIPLE by Randy Alcorn. Our church recently handed them out to us for free so I think I should read it so that they didn't waste their money. So far I'm only on chapter four and it is okay. I honestly couldn't tell you one thing that has impacted my life so far, so hopefully it will get better.

Book #2 I just started today and LOVE it. I've only read the introduction and the first page of chapter one and can't wait to sit down to read it again while the kids play outside. It is called AN ORDINARY MAN by Paul Rusesabagina and he is the man who literally saved 1,268 people in his hotel during the 1994 Rawanda genocide. You may have seen the movie, Hotel Rawanda, well this is his book and I can't wait to get into it.

So, what are you reading these days?


Becca said...

I had that same resolution to read more this year. I'm not doing so good. I'll read like crazy on vacation, but have a hard time making myself read. The author of AN ORDINARY MAN is going to be the speaker at MTSU in August, I think. They have a summer reading program in which all freshmen are supposed to read a selected book adn the author comes to campus to speak at opening convocation. This was one of my projects in my old job. The speakers in the past have been really good.

Gini (Hallquist) Young said...

I finally read a book myself. It seems I never find time! But I did it. Just a fiction, Christian novel by Penelope Stokes, but man did God remind me of a lot of things. I think I'll post about it.

The Shingleton family said...

I am about to read a Francine River book.

Anonymous said...

Hotel Rwanda, such a horrible and fantastic movie. I just adore Don Cheadle.

Books! Some faves:

Jodi Picoult "My Sister's Keeper"

"The Color of Water" I THINK it's by James McBride

"The Lovely Bones" I forget, a lady.

"The Giver" classic. Lois Lowry

and I have been meaning to get "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" because I have heard from so many people that it's wonderful.

Let us know how your books turn out!