Friday, May 25, 2007

kids with Uncle Tim

Last week when we were in TEXAS the boys got to spend some time with their Uncle Tim while they were at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They love Uncle Tim and he adores them as well. He is a fabulous photographer and was playing around with his new lens and happend to snap a few picturs of my boys.

Here are the disclaimers .... Yes I was there and should have made sure that Big Boy had his nose whiped, but oh well. Yes we do normally fix Little boy's hair but it was vacation and what the heck his hair was free for a few days!!!

I look at these pictures and can NOT believe that I have two beautiful little boys that are such a blessing to Aaron and I. They bring so much joy to our house that I can not even explain it. It is hard to believe that within four years of moving to a brand new state with no jobs and no idea what we were doing we have two kids, a house, a lawn mower and life is good! Thank you Jesus for too many blessings to even begin to name.



jtcosby said...

First, LOVE the hair, it looks fabulous...Second...I have this great picture of Parker when he was like 6 months old and my favorite part of it is the runny nose and drool! :)

You are an amazing mom...I have been meaning to tell you, recently you commented on tucking the boys into bed and not wanting to go back 8 million times...but so glad you did because the last time you got an "I love you Mommy"...I have remembered that since then and have had MUCH more patience for my children when they need me at night...I am thankful it is me they request at night...I am blessed...thank you for reminding me how much!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Those are such awesome pics of your kiddos! They could not be more adorable. What a sweet family y'all are.

Reed Family said...

Hey, I love reading your blogs. I would have left a comment earlier, but I am just figuring this all out. I am still trying to set mine up right. Your boys are precious! I love the pics! Hey, thanks for always leaving me comments. Thanks for inspiring me to do a blog.