Sunday, April 29, 2007

John Mayer and LIGHT GREEN

I subscribe to John Mayer's blog and tonight read an interesting entry on his blog about global awareness. His ideas are not to go out and change your entire life and GO GREEN all of a sudden, but yet to become LIGHT GREEN! To change one thing at a time. Go here and read his blog: John Mayer Blog

I know I've told you, but here are my LIGHT GREEN ideas ....
1. Bio-degradable diapers (I use at least 2 a day)
2. As light bulbs go out we will replace them with the ones that last forever
3. I am buying non-toxic cleaners as I replace the old ones

Baby steps ...

what are you doing?


Debra said...

1. I have bought reusable containers to use at the grocery store instead of using plastic bags.

2. I have bought some "method" cleaner products.

jtcosby said...

I'm going to be buying 1 gdiaper and starting to do the lightbulb thing (it takes some getting used to, they are not as BRIGHT). Then, the cleaning supplies. Those are my three for this time in my life.