Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm a weirdo!

I'm not quite sure why, but about every other month I get in the mood to search for a job. I start to feel as though there is something bigger for me out there. I start to feel as though I need to do more to contribute financially to our home. I seem to think at the moment that I'm searching that I need to be out there in the real world, doing real world stuff, and dealing with real world people.

Usually what happens is I waste about 2 hours of my life and realize that there is nothing that I want and I need to be happy and content with where God has me now in this season of my life.

Here is one of my main problems in my job searching .... I want the job that takes people about 10 years of work to secure!!! ha ha! You think I'm kidding, but oh no I'm not! I want to jump straight to the lead evening news anchor, to the main events coordinator of a huge hotel, or a publicist for a BIG star. I think I desire FAME! HA HA! I'm a weirdo!

The same thing happened this morning that always happens after I pursue this job search thing .... I woke up and felt guilty for WASTING so much time searching for nothing!

Here was my vulnerable post for the week .... I desire to be famous. Anyone else?


Debra said...

I so love your blog.

You are the trophy wife to a rock star...what more fame could you ask for? :). I would love to sit, chat and laugh with you. This would be a great topic. By the way any news show that you are an anchor for I will watch.

jtcosby said...

My answer to your question...I haven't really wanted to be famous...I have ALWAYS however, wanted to be make a difference somewhere...I want to be needed...kinda crazy...???

Jamie said...

Yes I think that is what I really mean by famous .... to be important, to make a difference. I guess I have a skewed few of fame .... I see that as making a difference and I need to refocus my thoughts. Thanks for letting me share my stupid thoughts.

The Roberts Family said...

Ok, so here are some thoughts from the OTHER side (the "REAL" world).

Let me first just tell you - it is WAY over-rated!!

Secondly, there is NOTHING! bigger than being there for your children and raising and teaching them to be followers of Christ. There is NO OTHER person on earth that should be doing that job for you. Not a daycare worker, not a teacher, not our parents...US! You ARE important! You ARE making a difference!

Thirdly, since our husbands are gone so frequently our kids NEED us! They need some stability in our ever changing schedule.

I hate that I have to work! I feel trapped running this rat race and feel guilty for doing it. I look back at all the time I've lost, that I WON'T get back. The workforce will always be there, but our kids will not always "need" us. They grow up too fast! Enjoy this season for it will not last forever.