Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Funny story.

Funny story this week! (remember my hubby's name is aaron ...)

Me: We have to go run some errands for daddy and then we'll come home for nap.
Big Boy: Okay

after running errands and on our way home ...

Me: It is time to go home now boys and take a nap.
Big Boy: NO! I want to go see aaron daddy.
Me: what?
Big Boy: You said we were going to see aaron daddy.
Me: Oh baby, not aaron but errand with a "d".
Big Boy: No I want to see aaron daddy!

It was not worth explaining the difference between Aaron and errand!


jtcosby said...

How sweet and awesome is that! I love it!! give them a kiss for me.

Them Chandlers said...

Glad you found me on here! Your family is beautiful! How long ago was it that Matt spoke at the church near Houston (can't even remember it!) and your husband's band led worship? My how time flies! Where in Nashville are you? I have a friend that lives in Franklin - it's so beautiful up there! Feel free to email me at Loved reading your blog :)



don't they just keep us on our toes!