Monday, April 23, 2007

Encouraging post

As many of you know I am always thinking the grass is greener on the other side. That is a struggle of mine and it goes into lots of areas of my life. I am dealing with it and dealing with it and dealing with it. I found a great post today from a ministry site that talks about this. It goes out to all mother's with small children who think they need to be doing more. This was just for me and in fact I will read it again today and probably again tomorrow, and in fact I may save it for all those other days when I feel as though God is not using me when in fact he is using me in the best way possible right now.

Have a great Monday. Aaron is home and we are happy! GMA week is this week so we have a super busy daddy, but none the less he is home! We love him!


Debra said...

That is a great post.

Have fun with Aaron and your busy week.

Becca said...

That is an encouraging post. I feel the same way lots--I need to be doing something useful. As if raising two active boys to love God and others isn't useful!:) Thanks for the link!

beth said...

Thanks for the link (and visiting my blog). In light of my recent posts and feelings reading this seems to be right on time.

Lu said...

Don't be discouraged! I work outside the home and LONG to be a SAHM... You are doing an amazing job, I'm sure! Just remember that one day your children will rise up and call you great! I can't wait to be in your shoes! And yes, the grass IS always greener on the other side!

Lu said...

Don't be discouraged! I work outside the home and I LONG to be a SAHM. I bet you're doing an amazing job! Just wait til your children grow up and are so thankful for a mother that sacrificed for her children! I am looking forward to being in your shoes soon....I think the grass is ALWAYS greener!

AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

I am on my way to read that post. I found your family blog through Ragamuffin soul and then through your husbands. I am so excited to see another family that adopted! My husband and I have six children we adopted. It's addictive!!!!! Ha ha
I checked out your website too! Y'all are a blessing.
In Christ,