Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well if any of you are wondering from my previous post about someone being pregnant ...... it is JORDAN and KRISTEN! Yeah my brother is going to be a dad!!! That is hard to believe that your little brother is going to have kids. His wife Kristen is going to be a fabulous mommy and Jordan will be an amazing daddy! We're so happy for them. Now Jordan will have his own screaming babies to deal with!!!

I'm so excited about becoming an aunt and for my kids to have cousins to play with. This child will be my first neice or nephew and my kids first cousin! I am torn between wanting them to have a girl or a boy. A girl would be lots of fun b/c there isn't a girl baby yet and girls are much more fun to buy stuff for. A boy would be fun b/c all the cousins would be boys and could have so much fun together! I have an idea .... they could have one of each this time around!!!!

Love you guys and so happy for you!


jtcosby said...

Twins would be good. I highly recommend them...and boy girl twins are even better! :) Congratulations! I am so excited for them!!! And you! :)

tracey fields said...

that picture is a riot. how are ya'll? thanks for your link a couple a weeks ago on the "new Disney princess". GREAT!