Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'll take a a bloody mary and two apple juices!

I don't even know what a bloody mary tastes like but I always see people on airplanes getting them and tomorrow may be my day to experience one! I am already stressed out about what is going to occur tomorrow around 9:45 am when I board an aircraft with my two boys and no hubby. OH MY GOSH what have I gotten myself into! Big Boy has flown several times but doesn't remember any b/c it was all before he was two and before his little brother joined us as well. Little Boy has never flown and is really the one I'm thinking might send me over the edge and straight into a bloody mary. He is not one to like to sit still (what 16 month old boy does though) and is going to give me a run for my money on the plane.

I plan on bringing lots of snacks and toys, quiet ones for the fellow plane travelers, to keep them entertained. If anyone has any advice on flying with two children ages, 3 and 16 months, please let me know TONIGHT!!!

PS - The bloody mary is a joke ..... I will be a responsible, calm, and happy mom the entire 2 hours!!!!


melneyann said...

Bourbon in the sippy cup*! Mix a little bit in'll keep D relaxed!!!

I'll be thinking about ya! Have a safe trip! :)

*This is why I don't have kids!! I'd be a horrible mother!

Alison Bynum said...

I have heard Benadryl helps keep em sleepy.

Actually, my traveling with kids tips come from observation only, but definitely arrive early and check in at your gate so that you an pre-board the plane before other passengers. That alone helps cut down on the stress of being run over by the angry mob of airline passengers trying to get their stuff in overhead compartments and get to their seats.

Becca said...

Not that this will do you any good now, but when I have flown with my kids I always took so much stuff for them, and then they ended up eating two crackers and sleeping! I haven't flown in several months so I'm sure J will more of a handful when we travel this summer, so I'll be interested to see how your trip goes! Have a great time and try to relax some!!