Thursday, March 8, 2007

Random things.

Let me mention a few things:

1. I found my phone that I lost a few months ago! Yeap it was in my house just as I suspected. For the longest time I have thought that little boy threw it in the trash, but oh no .... it was in the boys closet! Before you go accusing them of hiding it from me let me tell you where it was. I found my phone tonight while reaching up on their highest shelf to get a few blankets down. Yeap they could not have put it there! It must have been mommy .... BUT for the sake of my reputation of being a very responsible, and organized mom let's just say that daddy put it up there accidently!!!

2. I'm up late tonight doing laundry and getting stuff done while everyone is asleep, and there is some rediculously awful tv on. I'm watching the CW network (which I don't even know what this is) and there is a show searching for the next PussyCatDoll. Apparently the current girls in the PCD are not sleezy enough that they need to add another sleezy girl to the group. This is awful and I can't believe that this is what our teenage girls are looking at. Or better yet, I can't believe that teenage boys are exposed to this trash. These girls are selling themselves short by acting in this way with their bodies and talent. I'm so sad for them.

3. My big boy wore big boy underwear ALL day today with NO accidents! Yippee!!!

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Kyle Goen said...

Does Aaron struggle with "accidents" in his big boy underwear?