Friday, February 9, 2007

smoking pizza

Today as we were driving home today I asked Cayden what he wanted for lunch and of course he said pizza, which is what he always says. BUT this time, I said OKAY. So, we were off to Domino's to pick up pizza. As I was waiting there for our pizza to be ready, I noticed a driver leave to deliver pizza and as soon as he got in his car and loaded up his pizza to deliver he lit up a cigarette. In his car was the pizza to be delivered and him with all the windows rolled and he was smoking. This grossed me out. YUCK! I would hate to get a pizza delivered to me that had been in a car full of smoke.

Should you be able to request that the driver's not smoke when they deliver your pizza?. Is it wrong that I don't want my pizza delivered to me smelling like smoke?


The Jeff and Tanya Borlase Family said...

oh my gosh- I so have an opinion on this topic!!! I get frustrated when mail gets delivered and smells like smoke- I get frustrated when the tv repairman comes in my house wreaking of smoke- and then it makes my house stinky! And, although I have never noticed my pizza stinking.... I think their should be a law about any type of delivery person smoking in the vehicle with our stuff- pizza, mail, packages.... just my opinion! :)

jtcosby said...

That is quite gross and should be banned. At least wait until you have delivered my pizza...GROSS! I am in total agreement with you!