Monday, February 26, 2007


Well after 4 days of rest I set out to hit the pavement again tonight. I ran as far as the end of the house next to us and had to turn around and walk home. My knee was hurting pretty badly. It is not the worst pain I've ever felt, but it is pain and it is worse when I run. I was telling the hubby last night that I am constantly aware of it. Not that it hurts all day long, but I just feel this uncomfortable feeling in my knee. If I stand up and immediately stand on that one leg then my knee hurts, if I am sitting and turn it the wrong way it hurts, and tonight when I started running it was hurting even worse.

So, I've contacted my local Y and am going to have someone check me out. They'll tell me one of three things - either #1. you need to rest a little bit longer and then get back to running, or #2 you should see a doctor, or #3 you are a big BABY get back out there and run!!! I'll keep you up to date on the outcome.

So after feeling like a complete looser for running 43 seconds and turning around I decided to try one more time. So, I ran around my block and limped for the first half. Then is started feeling a little better but still hurt so I went inside. It is sore now and I think tomorrow I may try the treadmill so I can go slower and it will be softer on my legs than the pavement outside. I'll probably walk the most, but honestly I have to work out. I am starting to enjoy this running stuff and have MISSED it so badly these past few days. I've felt awful for not running and felt as though I was loosing ground.

Any thoughts?


jtcosby said...

So Lea's doctor told her she HAD TO STOP running. It is supposedly the WORST thing you can do to your body. She recommended spin class as the most effective method of exercising and the least horrible on your body. And Tyler's teacher...also has been told to stop running. He hasn't stopped running, but hurts a lot. I am missing exercising is so hard when you get used to it to stop. UGH! :)

Gini Young said...

Of course, I have knee problems too. Mine's been bad for nearly a week now, but getting better. I don't run ...mainly cause I hate to sweat and secondarily because of my knee. I do walk (and sweat unfortunately) but I've had to lay off of that for awhile to heal. I'm hoping to get back to that tomorrow as well. Running is particularly bad on your knees though. You know President Bush had to change his running habit to something else cause of his knees. Check your shoes though. Often it is particular shoes that really mess up my knees. Also, maybe there is some other form of exercise that you could do (pilates, swimming, etc.) that is an equal work out without the knee strain.


i am out of comission for a couple of weeks ... pulled ligament which i am medicating with lots of chocolate and chips/dip ... don't give up !!

Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry about your knee! It's so frustrating to not be able to do something that you love.

I would defintely rest it until it no longer bothers you. You may also want to consider a new pair of running shoes. Maybe something with more cushion and support. For now you could do some light strengthening moves for your legs and knee. Definitely see a doctor too. That you way you can really know what you are dealing with.

Chin up! You'll be running again before you know it :)

it's a Mom thing said...

I heard biking is a lot better on your knees than running. Have you considered that? Don't they have biking marathons and stuff like that, if you need to work towards some sort of goal.