Monday, February 19, 2007

at the end.

Today as I was running at the gym I noticed an elderly couple coming into the Y. The man had a head full of gray hair and looked tired, as if his days are long. His wife was being pushed by him in her wheelchair. As they entered the Y, a smile immediately formed on my face as I thought of the life that these two have created together.

I don't know these people and I could be totally wrong, but I would like to think that they have lived a great life and still love each other and just enjoy being together. I hope that his devotion to her is true and that she still adores him and laughs at his jokes, just as she did when they first met. I think he still looks at her and sees the most beautiful woman alive. To be together with one person for that long is basically unheard of these days. When someone makes it to a ten year anniversary we think that they have truly lived and truly loved. When the truth is God has so much more in store for us, if we would just stick it out.

This husband went on to help his lovely wife out of her wheelchair and onto the bike so that she could do her exercises for the day. What an honor for her to have her lover still by her side even when things aren't exactly going the best. She is unable to do certain things for herself, and to have her husband continue to be there is an accomplishment in its self. True love. Lasting Love. Love worthy of love.

Seeing this couple brought my mind thinking back to a place where it has been quite often lately. I can't stop thinking about my life. You see, I want to do big things in life. I want to make a difference. I want to effect this world in a great way. These desires have been stiring in my for a while now, and I can't help but wonder if I'm the only stay at home mom that has these feelings. There has to be more to my life than diapers and play dates. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids, I LOVE my life, but there has to be more.

I can only hope and pray that when I am old and Aaron is helping me on the bike at our local YMCA that I can look back and know that I did great things. That I made a difference on this earth. That I did exactly what God had created me to do.

So, for now I will continue to ask God to open doors for me to do things for him. To allow me to see people's needs and love them with a heart that is truly wanting to love them. To love them as Jesus would love them, with all he had.

I do know one thing and that is that I do not want to get to the end of my life and feel as though I haven't truly lived.

God show me how you want me to live......


Becca said...

As I read your entry I thought you were seeing my Nana and Pawpaw!! He takes her to the "cement pond" three times a week so she can get her exercise. Even though he has emphyzema, he makes sure he takes her if SHE feels like it!! They have been married for over 65 years and truly still love each other. I have always loved seeing old couples still in love. I told Scotty when we got married that I wanted to grow old with him because that would be a LIFETIME of love!! Sorry to ramble--great thoughts you had. Oh, and sometimes I think as a SAHM, my "difference" in this world is raising two boys to love the Lord and change the world. Not much "recognition" for that now, but oh the rewards when we are old and tired!

Tammy said...

More? Let me remind you just what you do... You are the godly woman beside the man who is rockin' this world for Jesus through music, none of which he could do without you beside him! You are shaping and being used of God to mold two wonderful boys who will grow up to be warriors for the Lord Jesus Christ. You are a friend and encourager to many in their journey with Christ. You are shaping the lives of two boys who will one day grow up to love a woman like Christ loves the church and lead their own families in the perfect will of God, all because they had a mother who took the time (during the routines of each day) to teach them how to listen for His still small voice. You are incredible! You ARE being used of God. Be encouraged in the work He has called you to right now! Don't look for the "bigger and better", but recognize Him in the the day to day, for it is through that daily obedience right where He has you that HE will change this world... one child at a time! If only we had more moms who "just stayed home"! Keep giving them Jesus and don't ever think there has to be more! It doesn't get any better than what you are doing for Aaron and those precious boys!!!
Love ya!