Sunday, January 14, 2007

Potty Training

I think we are potty training. It just kinda happened and now we're in it. Cayden has been going peepee in the potty at school but refusing at home. So, we now have a jar full of "potty prizes" (tiny marshmallows) that have enticed him to now peepee on the potty at home. YEAH! So basically every hour on the hour I take him to the potty and he goes! Yeah! Yesterday he told me three times he had to go on his own!

What I have been scared of is to try the "big boy" underwear we bought. So, tonight for an hour before bed time we wore the "big boy" underwear and he loved it. The only problem is that he REFUSED to wear it the right way. You see on the back of the underwear is Lightning McQueeny from CARS. Well, what little boy wants this on the back - not mine - he wants it on the front. So, we did. Look at these pictures and video. He is hilarious and so proud of himself. I think I'll start a few hours a day while we're home with the underwear! If anyone has any advice or helpful hints be sure and let me know!!

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Anonymous said...

the new blog looks great! hope those old videos are somewhere we can find them again. I think that was a good save before he showed you his "P....."

Becca said...

I was nervous about the big boy underwear too, but I finally just put him in it and he only had 1-2 accidents! You are SO gonna love no diapers--well at least on one kid! We still do pull ups at night though!