Sunday, January 14, 2007

3 years ago

I've been thinking a lot about Cayden's arrival. He will be three on Tuesday and I honestly can't believe that I am his mommy and God has blessed him and his brother to Aaron and I. They are both great boys.

I will tell you Cayden's birth story on Tuesday, so look forward to that.

Our pregnancy with C was very unplanned and very unexpected. We had moved to TN just two month earlier and the plan was for me to get a full time job to support us for two years while Aaron got the band going. We would then think about kids. Ha! We found out we were expecting May 2003. I had a great pregnancy and was never sick and felt great until about month 7. Then things got miserable. Maybe it was the extra 50 lbs I was carrying around!!! I thought I would humor you all and show you a few pics of me with my pregnant belly. Now all these pics are taken in November and he was born in January, so believe it or not I got bigger! I was HUGE! If I ever birth another baby - this WILL NOT happen again!

Enjoy the pics and I hope you get a good laugh out of both of us - YES I have lost the 50 lbs and if you are wondering Aaron has too!!!


the kirkseys said...

you looked so great pregnant! who cares about all that weight? : ) I gained a bunch too.

Dona G. said...

It doesn't really looked like you gained 50 pounds. you just looked a little bigger than you are now. ANyways, you looked great in those pics

Dona G. said...

oh and I can't believe how long Aaron's hair was! I totally did not recognize him!

ginger said...

i remember those days! and, bless your heart, i remember how miserable you got... but seriously, you were such a trooper.

you were totally one of those terribly cute pregnant girls that everyone wants to look like when they're pregnant. and now you're one hot mama!

The Jeff and Tanya Borlase Family said...

Happy Birthday Cayden!!!